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Best Sellers

Iridescent Dice Set D20 Poly Dice set - Violet Storm (CHN) 9.00

Storm Dice Set D20 Poly Dice set - Purple Orange(CHN) 6.00

Iridescent Dice Set D20 Poly Dice set - Electric Iris (CHN) 9.00

500g mixed dice - clearance includes poly and d6 - random content. 10.80

12mm PEARL x10 White 1.32

12mm PEARL x10 Red 1.32


Clearance Dice

CLEARANCE - dice collected up from incomplete sets, 2nds, broken up bulk packs and all those escapees that end up on the floor, under the shelving, inside the cat etc . OK not the cat. They are likely to contain a mix of types, sides, colours, styles, some counters, figure bases, dirt (sorry!) the occasional dead spider, 2nds, damaged dice etc, but on the whole, you'll get a good amount of useable dice. Ideal for topping up the gaming table dice pot, with a bit of sorting.

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