Take advantage of our 40% discount on most items for the whole of Black Friday week. No codes, no vouchers, just a minimum spend of £10 and you will get a massive 40% off your dice and games. Spread the word - time to stock up on great value Xmas gifts for your gamer buddies.

This is a really great offer and will be available all week from 25th November to 1st December - but get in there quick becasue stocks are running low on many items already.

Choose from some funky RPG dice sets such as the Rainbow Pastel Unicorn or the Glow in the Dark Purple Red. Add a Dice Bag from our specially designed range from LegendDice - Choose from Cthulhu or Chined Skulls logos in a variety of colours.


If your mates are into Cthulhu, the Dice Bags are not the only sanity sapping items on offer - we have a range of Cthulhu themed tee-shirts too. Various colours and sized with our Squiddy inspired logo... those eyes just follow you....

Cthulhu Tee Shirt

We've still got some Dungeons and Dragons Spell Cards from GaleForce 9 in stock, if thats your thing.

What about some TANKS! expansions, or some great Star Wars Legion scenery?

Just spend over £10 and you will automatically get a 40% discount