Looking for dice suitable for gaming over the Halloween period? We have a few sets that might fit the bill, including these dark Elemental Red and Blue dice. Pass me the hammer, the swelling will stop the bleeding... 


With their deep dark blue and red colouration swirled and mixed in intricate patterns, these Elemental dice from HD Dice look fantastic with their gold numbering. Often referred to as Blood Dice, they are well suited to playing RPGs over Halloween.

You could also take a look at our Iridescent range of dice, especially the Luminous Shade and Venom sets. They have a sinister feel with dark, insideous swirls like some fetid fog rolling in off the marshes. A glimmer of glitter catching the light might conjour up images of the Dead Marshes with their ghoulish souls haunting the pools and rills where sane folk fear to tread.