Just what The Doctor ordered! a set of Tardis dice. Not sure what game this was made for, but we've got a few in stock. These dice feature the Tardis and a question mark. Great item for any Dr Who fans out there, and for dice collectors in general. 

For those of you wondering what we're talking about, Dr Who is a UK Sci-Fi series that has been running since TV was black-and-white. It features a time-travelling alien who can regenerate into a new body when needed (i.e. at the end of TV series when the incumbent Actor has had enough!), travels through Space and Time in a 'TARDIS' that is multi-dimensional and bigger on the inside, and generally looks after the Human Race. Lets face it, we are pretty rubbish at looking after ourselves...

The current Dr. has a TARDIS that looks like an old Police Call Box that would have been common place in the UK in the post-war period, and thats featured on these dice.


These dice probably come from the Time of the Daleks boardgame, made by the GF9. You can find it on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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