We're delighted to tell you our Christmas restock of roleplaying poly dice sets has arrived. We have a huge number of sets restocked plus a whole load of new releases too.

Take a few moments to browse our site and see what grabs your fancy - some sets have not been added to specific categories yet, so check the Latest Arrivals section for those.

We have new colours in the Storm style, which are gem dice with swirls of colour running through - often refered to as Nebula as well. The Aquarium Ribbon is a stunning addition in blue and purple with silver numbering.

The Rainbow Layered dice range has been expanded with a load of new colours such as the  amazing Venom set shown below, several more pastel shades and some really bright sets too.

Our Aurora Dice range has been expanded too - these are Rainbow Dice with clear gem colours and can look particularly stunning. A new 'Vibrant Rainbow' has been added that is suffused wiuth fine glitter. See for yourself in the picture - what more could you want!!

Storm Aquarium Ribbon  Aurora Rainbow Glitter