The "Upstart Line" dice by Legendary Pants were kickstarted last year. Matt at LP just did the final KS for this range and is now retiring the dice from production. He states they will NOT enter production again. This is your last chance to buy them from us. A few of the old colours and some cool new ones are available. 

The new colours are Dragon Orange Gold with blue, CSI black with UV numbers, F117 Stealth Grey, Heisenburg Clear, Olive Drab with black numbers and Rigger Black with white numbers. 

The CSI dice have numbers that glow under UV 'blacklight' - they don't glow like luminous dice, they show up like some shemicals do under UV light as seen in cop series CSI.

The F-117 Stealth are matt grey with grey numbers, they do not glow!

The following Legendary Pants old colours were also re-run: Pronking Purple with green, MKK Grey with Blue, IBM3270 black with green and P3 grey with amber.

This is your LAST CHANCE to get these dice on the open market - they will become collectors items soon.

CSI UV dice

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