You can't have too many dice. Heres why:


Number Five - Bob.

Bob loves coming to D&D night. Bob turns up early. Bob gets into character. Everyone loves Bob. But... Bob never brings his dice to game night. Bob doesn't want to share his nice dice, Bob doesn't even want to use his nice dice. Bob relies on YOU to lend him some of your dice. And the problem with Bob... is that Bob always leaves games night with more dice than he brought... Your Dice. um, Bobs Dice. So top up your dice pool and don't get caught short because of Bob.


Number Four - Character Dice

Bob isn't the only problem though. You are your own worst enemy in the Dice game. You love a good character, and you play lots of games. All your characters are individuals, no two are ever alike, and as such, each character needs a special set of dice. Thats a lot of dice for sure. And each new character is a new set of dice... That assassin NEEDS a good dark set of nebulous poly dice... Your new Ranger character has to have a set of Spirit Dice - the one with the bear or the wolf....


Number Three - DMing is hard on the dice bag

As a DM you know you are gonna need more dice. Dice double for anything on the gaming table. Wound markers, countdown timers, NPCs, hoards of ratlings, dungeon furnishings - oh, and you can use them to make actual dice rolls as well! Fancy that. Plus, Bob. See Number 5...


Number Two - The Interwebz

The internet has a LOT to answer for. One day you are happily minding your own business, happy in the fact you have some dice to play with, enough dice to play with actually, and you just happen across some innocuous Facebook Group (I'm looking at you, DiceManiacsClub...) and your eyes are opened. Opened to the sheer variety of dice forms, of colour, finish, size, shape and material. Who knew there were so many to choose from? Well, now YOU know, and thats where it all starts to go wrong. Horribly wrong. And all that Dice Porn leads to...



Because... Precious... the click-clack... the click-clack are pretty... we WANTS more, precious... more...