Support your local Games Shop to keep our hobby alive


Wait! What? Why would we as an online retailer tell you to support your local bricks and mortar games shop? Well, its simple. Your local shop is the grass roots of our hobby. A place to meet, chat, browse new games, get the latest info and pick up some gaming supplies. Without them, the RPG and Wargames hobby would slowly fade into the mists of time. So go and support them, and spend your money there. When you can't get the dice you want.. then come to us! That's where we fit in.  

So after you've browsed the shelves in your local store, swapped tales of woe and epic heroics with the staff, spent some hard earned cash and have that warm fuzzy feeling of new-bought games.... know that you are keeping our hobby active, keeping some cash inyour local economy, paying the staff their wages and generally helping the economy!

Now, if you can't find the kind of dice you want at your local shop, then you have a few options.

  1. You can fire up your favourite search engine and find what you want - here at preferably
  2. You can find another shop and visit that, get to know some more games players, widen your games horizons 
  3. Ask the shop manager if they will consider stocking the dice you want - point them at where we have a wide and growing range of dice for retailers.

And by doing number three, you continue to support your hobby and your local shop!