We have just recieved our stock of Cthulhu themed dice bags from LegendDice. They are truely amazing. Made from a faux suede material, they come in three terrible colours, Deep Sea Green, Void Dark Blue, Insanity Purple. Ah, the Old Ones would approve, I'm sure!

These dice bags are lined in a rather horrendous bright green satinesque material, that jars with the main colour, grating on your psyche, intensifying those voices you hear. The Blue and Green bags have equally wierd coloured draw strings as well.

The gold Cthulhu print is the same design as that used on the Cthulhu Tee Shirts, and is printed on a bonded glue so that the gold will not flake off, even in extreme use.

These dice pouches can take 30 to 50 poly dice for your RPG session.

Clearly a must-have for your Call of Cthulhu games, these awesome dice bags will be happy on any gaming table.


Buy one and GO INSANE NOW!