More Spots Than a Teenager!


For the wargames players out there, we stock a wide selection of six sided dice. In fact, we've got more spots than a teenage metal-head! A vast array of spottyness to choose from. We've got really small 7mm dice, ideal for markers or mass attack and damage rolls, to large 16mm dice that are easy to read and easy to roll.

We hold stocks of 7mm spot dice, 10mm dice, 12mm 6 sided dice, 14mm dice, 15mm gold mist dice, 16mm dice with pips and also a few larger sizes on occassion.

Our dice are generally opaque spot dice, but we do hold some 12mm dice in pearl, oblivion and toxic finishes. We will also be adding other dice styles as we grow. Next up will be gem spot dice.

We also have some Warhammer dice in stock, including Adaptus, Blood Angel and Harlequin dice.

Grab a bag of spots NOW!