Fight Like a Viking. Roll High,
or not at all.

A few years ago, Triple Ace Games in the UK gave us a series of Viking themed dice for the Hellfrost fantasy Viking RPG. Well, now they are back with Series II Viking Dice.

These dice feature a much simpler d20 design - plain numbers in a Viking style font, for ease of use. The rest of the poly dice in this set feature beautiful Nordic Viking designs similar to the Series I dice.

Currently these dice are only produced in an Ice Blue on Black finish. Shown on our Cthulhu themed dice bag, these rpg poly dice do look rather stunning!

If you feel the call of Fenris, and need new dice to smite your enemies, then look no further than these Viking Poly Dice.

IMG_2771 (3).JPG

Remember the old Viking saying:

"Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it. Except if you roll a 20"

Grab your Viking Dice NOW!