Really basic dice, really simple dice, really low price dice.

Our Opaque Poly DIce are ideal for gamers on a budget, starting at £1.80 + postage (from £1.50) - these dice are great for those of you just starting out in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, or whtever it is da kidz are playin' these dayz....

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You are not limited to singe sets of gaming dice, you can also opt for our bulk bags of dice which are also a really cost effective way of keeping your dice pool full to the brim.

£33.60 gets you a mixed bag of poly dice with a minimum of 100 dice from a range of types and colours that are useful in many games but especially anything using the D20 system. We have other bulk sets too - you can choose from bulk bags of specific sided dice as well, 50 d20's for less than £20? 100 for just over £30? Whats not to like! 

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But we have MORE and CHEAPER dice too! - Check out our "Clearance" lines - these are dice that have been collected together over time - end of runs, part bags, those rescued from the floor, customer returns - you name it! Our clearance dice start at 200gr packs, and go up to 10kg packs! our best selling line of clearance are the 1kg bags - thats over DOUBLE the weight of a Chessex Pound o' Dice. OK, you don't get chessex dice in our packs, but you get a huge number, a wide range of types, colours and styles. All for £30 inc VAT - about the same as you'd pay for half as many in a Chessex Pound o' dice. Whats not to like?

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