Miniature Figure Bases - Wooden Planking Finish

Twelve resin cast figure bases. Ten are 25mm Square in two different designs. One is a 25mm Hexagonal base and one is a 50mm round base with a trapdoor.

Cast from strong durable resin. These miniature bases are supplied unpainted. Please note the items may be a different resin colour to the models shown depending on the resin batch used to cast them - resin batches are ivory , grey, beige, black and brown, and may be any shade of those colours.

This set comprises of TWELVE bases.

The supporting images show how you might paint these bases and the figures and dice shown are to provide a better estimate of size. The miniatures are 25mm scale.


Made in the UK

Designed and made by Solis Infotech Limited under the LegendGames trademark

Suitable for Dungeons and Dragons and other Roleplaying Games

for use with 25mm to 32mm scale miniatures

Supplied unpainted

square bases in two different designs, 5 of each design

Can be used with any tabletop game roughly 28mm scale

May be supplied in alternative packaging to reduce plastic waste

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