Hot on the heels of our Tree Scatter Terrain and miniature bases comes new Barricade Scatter Terrain - multiple items in development NOW!

We are developing a series of 25mm to 32mm scale terrain that can be used as barricades and cover for tabletop skirmish games, RPGs, Frostgrave, Guildball and many other games. 

All made by hand in the UK and cast in durable Resin - there's no 3D printing, its all "old skool" sculpting here with clay and milliput, moulded with silicone and cast in resin.

Here are some pictures of the first barricade which features one of our resin barrels as cover - the miniature is an old Citadel Runequest fighter, 25mm scale, from ooooh, 1980's.

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Barricade_1a.jpg Barricade_1b.jpg Barricade_1c.jpg