Multi Layered Resin Cast
Rainbow Dice

polyrainbowwidescreen.jpgA recent innovation in dice design is the use of multi layered colour to create a rainbow effect. This is only currently possible using a poured resin technique, and as far as we are aware, cannot be replicated using injection moulding.

We source our Rainbows from HD Dice in China. They come in a transparent gem 'Aurora' and opaque 'Rainbow' styles, though sometimes these styles do overlap and the distinction is a little blurred. Either way, our layered dice have a minimum of 3 layers, and up to seven layers for some.

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Our best selling Rainbow Dice are Pastel Unicorn, a pale pastel mix of colours with a pearlescent finish. They are consistently great sellers.


Other Rainbow Dice of note are the single colour sets such as Emerald Rainbow Dice. They have only one colour but in several graduations and they look amazing. For you D&D players, an Emerald set for your Ranger or an Obsidian set for your Assassin would be very cool!

poly_rain_emerald.jpgIn the Aurora range of layered dice, we have two main sellers. First off the Aurora Purple, which is a four colour layered set (not to be confused with the three layer Mermaid set!) in purples, blues and greens.


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Our second best seller in the Aurora Line are the Pride Rainbows - but predictably they are out of stock at present as we've just had 'Pride Month'. We will get restocks as soon as we can, as these really are a beautiful dice set.