From the scorching
Fires of Hades to
swirling Neptunian Oceans

Our Elemental Range of dice are made in China by our supplier HD Dice. They are injection moulded using two colours to give a swirling marbled effect. Many of the dice are pearlescent, though a few are opaque and the latest releases are transparent gem Elementals. They are bound together by the dual colours and swirled finishes. 

These were the first HD Dice that we sourced, and were great sellers for us on Amazon. These poly dice continue to be a mainstay of our stock and they sell very well.

Pearlescent Elemental Dice Sets

The bulk of the range have an oily pearl finish, shown beautifully to full effect on the dice sets pictured here. These are fantastic dice sets for your D&D game.


A firm favourite among buyers is this bright blue and purple set, finished with crisp gold numbers. They have an oily sheen and look fantastic on the tabletop. They have two sibling sets as well - a much brighter blue and a darker purple version. You can find them all in the 'Elemental' section of our shop.


One of our personal favourite colour combinations is this rose pink and gold set. Of course, colours change from time to time, and the more recent versions are a darker hue than this, but still very beautiful. We called these 'Houri Pink' when we first stocked them!

Opaque Marbled Elemental Dice Sets

The next type of dice in the range do not have the pearl finish, but are finished in simple opaque marbled patterns. But plain they are not! Featuring carefully picked swirled colours and complimentary font colours, these dice are just as popular as the pearl finish.  


There are some excellent colour combinations that are fun for themed RPG characters. How about the Flaming Fires of Hell for your wizard? Or gungy greeny dice more suited to those of you  who play grumpy goblinoid characters? Whatever you play, there's a set for you somewhere!

HDH08-2.JPGElemental Gem Dice

The latest addition to the Elemental Dice Range are dual colour gem dice. There are currently (June 2019) four different colour options on offer. We particularly like the dark, smokey necromantic Black Cloud dice sets, but for your Paladins and such sickly nice characters, there are the Cloudy White and Indigo Purple dice sets.


But lets be honest, its the fire and brimstone we like best! Grab that flame-toting wizard, wand and hat at the ready, and roll yourself a buch of Rising Phoenix Elementals - Dice sets straight out of the Greek Myths themselves.


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