If you are a fan of World War II wargames, then you should seriously check out the TANKS! table top game from Galeforce Nine. This is a 15mm scale wargame played on a 3ft x 3ft map using tank models, dice and action cards. You build a small tank group from available vehicles, and deploy against a similar power opponent. It can be played in 30 minutes so its a great quick game to fill the gaps in your games night.

The rules are simple and easy to learn and the GF9 Tanks website has leads of info, tutorials, training ideas and missions for you to try out.

Your crew and tank ability cards help you to play your tanks to their maximum potential and defeat your opponent. Unless they are better than you. in which case you will find yourself wondering what went wrong, as your turret explodes and your crew die screaming in a firey inferno. But make the right choices and its you who will be the battlefield victor and drive away, tracks intact, to a golorious homecoming in the local bar....

The models themselves are really high quality, easy and quick to build. There are plentyh of painting tips with authentic camo schemes and insignia available on the manufacturers websites, plus if you want to move into bigger skirmishes these tanks are compatible with Flames of War wargame from Battlefront Miniatures. You can use any of the Battlefield in a Box pre-painted terrain from the same company too - its all 15mm scale and designed to be interchangeable between Tanks and Flames of War - and any other 15mm skirmish game you may play too.

If you do choose to progress to Flames of War, then you can pick up theatre-specific Rule Books as well as specialist Tank Groups. The books feature exceptionally high quality artwork and design, provide rules explainations, painting guides, background information and playing guides. The Tank Groups for FoW give you all you need for an instant battle group. You can choose from North Africa, the Eastern Front, Mid War Europe, and the Late War push for victory or many other options too. 

So, grab a Starter Set, a few extra tanks of your choice and jump into the commanders seat. Load up the HEAT, its time to TANK. 

Image copyright Battlefront Miniatures

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