Playing Star Wars Legion or other 25mm skirmish games set on 'a generic desert world'? We now stock Battlefield in a Box Galactic Warzone pre painted scenery.

Battlefront Miniatures produce a range of 25-32mm scale wargame accessories ready for immediate deployment to the tabletop. These buildings are hard wearing, solis, pre-painted and look really great. Battlefront have a reputation for excellence with their original Flames of War BfiaB range for 15mm wargames, and these new sci-fi scenery models are no different.

Ideal for Star Wars Legions, you can choose from desert themed buildings or more generic items such as defence turrets and the all important Shield Power Generators, and also a range of ruins suited to GW Warnammer games.

Of course, you are not limited to any particular genre or game system - these terrain objects are mix n match and can be used in many different situations, from Fantasy to Sci Fi.


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